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Other Services

Equipment Solutions
MDC’s construction equipment
requirements for its various projects are provided by the company’s equipment leasing and fleet management subsidiary, MDC Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MEQ). MEQ has more than a thousand construction and construction-related equipment in its inventory, ranging from heavy equipment, lifting, support, transport and deep foundations equipment. To date, MEQ has the largest fleet of tower cranes and materials elevators in the Philippines.

For inquiries, please contact Elaine Bo at bo.elaine@mdc.com.ph
Building Information Modeling
Critical to MDC’s Design and Build execution strategy is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) team which is composed of seasoned professionals who
provide total design, architectural and consulting services for MDC’s clients. Through BIM technology, the team is able to inject efficiencies in quantification, construction scheduling, simulation and procurement to achieve better collaboration and visualization in designing projects. To date, MDC has the largest team of BIM users and stations in the Philippines.

For inquiries, please contact inquiry.bim@mdc.com.ph
Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
MDC prides itself in creating lush and beautiful landscapes for its various construction and golf course projects. Through MDC Greens, MDC is equipped to be the top landscape and grounds maintenance service provider in the country with its pool of talents which includes seasoned Horticulturists and specialized staff practicing landscaping and golf course management. One of MDC Greens’ notable projects is the Anvaya Cove Golf Course in Morong, Bataan, recognized as the Best New Golf Course for 2014 in the Asia-Pacific Region. Anvaya Cove Golf Course has also been nominated for the 2015 Best Golf Course in the Asia-Pacific Region.

For inquiries, please contact Elaine Bo at bo.elaine@mdc.com.ph