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MDC Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MEQ) manages the acquisition, operations, leasing and maintenance of MDC’s vast equipment fleet and resources, catering to all MDC construction projects nationwide.


MEQ currently has the largest fleet of tower cranes and material elevators in the Philippines. With more than a thousand equipment in its fleet, MEQ is one of the largest equipment solutions providers in the country.

MEQ currently has the following types of equipment in its fleet:

  1. Tower Cranes
  2. Material Elevators
  3. Lifting Equipment
  4. Transport Equipment
  5. Heavy Equipment
  6. Special Foundations and Bored Piling Equipment
  7. Construction Support Equipment


MEQ handles the acquisition, leasing and maintenance various construction and construction-related support equipment to MDC projects. The company also provides deep foundations services with its premium line Bauer BG-28 drilling rigs capable of constructing large diameter bored piles in all kinds of soil formation. MEQ also invested in 8G Pile Driving Analyzers, Pile Integrity Testers and Cross-Hole Analyzers to ensure the quality of piles being constructed in our projects.