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With 48 years of experience working in the field of Engineering, MDC offers an array of services to give clients the best value in engineering,
architecture, design and sustainable construction:
·       Geodetic Surveying

·       Quantity Surveying

·       Civil Works

·       Contracts Management

·       Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

·       Architectural Design

·       Structural Design

·       Electro-Mechanical Design

·       Building Information Modeling

·       Research and Development



MDC’s Procurement Team is composed of professionals who have completed the International Trade Commission-Certified Professional in Supply Management (ITC-CPSM) Program. They support the safe, good quality, timely and cost-efficient execution of construction activities by sourcing the needed materials and services from various vendors in collaboration with project execution teams.

The team has been introducing procurement strategies that have significantly driven standardization of specifications and aggregation of construction materials requirements. Expertise on local and direct importation has also contributed to the timely delivery of finished fit-out materials.

MDC also encourages vendors to grow with the company through programs that promote long-term business relationships.


MDC provides Pre-construction, Construction and Post-construction services consistent with the company’s Execution Principles of Safety, Quality,
Timely Delivery, Cost Efficiency and Sustainability (SQTCS). The Construction Operations Group (COG) is clustered by geographic divisions in order to manage rapid growth and expansion and to foster collaboration, empowerment and efficiency. It also undertakes process-streamlining initiatives using new and improved information systems and technology.

Construction Management

MDC is committed to ensure the timely delivery of projects to its customers, ensuring top quality while meeting regulatory requirements and operating with approved budgets. MDC’s expertise in Construction Management covers Land Acquisition, Project Conceptualization, Project Planning, Project Implementation, Project Delivery and After Sales services.

MDC’s simplified approach to project management provides customers with technical and objective guidance from concept through completion. CMG is steadfast in helping clients minimize the risk inherent in the construction process. The team understands what it takes to avoid expensive schedule delays and cost overruns through Design-and-Build and Design-to-Cost approaches to construction in order to successfully deliver the project.

To satisfy customer’s needs, MDC establishes and documents Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) that form the basis from which all designs, construction methodologies, turn-over and acceptance processes, and operational decisions are made.