Our ManagemenT

MDC operates with a customer-centric mindset, functioning through its seven core units which are responsible for delivering strategic business goals:

  • Construction Operations Group (COG)
  • Construction Management Group (CMG)
  • Corporate Finance and Procurement Group (CFPG)
  • Construction Methods and Solutions Group (CMSG)
  • Commercial Group (CG)
  • Corporate Resources and Services Group (CRSG)
  • Operations Management Control Group (OMCG)

These core units all report directly to MDC’s Management Committee:

  • Dante M. Abando – President
  • Rodelito J. Ocampo – Head, Construction Operations Group 1 (COG 1) and President, MDC BuildPlus, Inc. (MDC BP)
  • Efren C. Mananquil – Head, Construction Operations Group 2 (COG 2)
  • Darwin L. Salipsip – Head, Construction Operations Group 3 (COG 3) and President, MDBI Construction Corp. (MDBI)
  • Ginaflor C. Oris – Chief Financial Officer and Head, Corporate Finance and Procurement Group
  • Bobby T. Menpin – Head, Construction Methods and Solutions Group and President, MDC ConQrete, Inc. (MCI) and MDC Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MEQ)
  • Richard T. Yap – Head, Construction Management Group
  • Henry R. Realon – Head, Commercial Group
  • Ferdie M. Mangali – Head, Corporate Resources and Services Group
  • Vincent H. Medina – Head, Operations Management Control Group

Construction Division 1

  • Cebu 1 Operations Center
  • Cebu 2 Operations Center
  • Mindanao Operations Center

Construction Division 2

  • BGC Operations Center

  • ARCA South Operations Center

Construction Division 3

  • Makati Operations Center

  • Circuit Operations Center

Construction Division 4A

  • Quezon City and North Luzon Operations Center

  • East Operations Center

Construction Division 4B

  • Manila Bay Operations Center

Construction Division 5

  • South Luzon 1 Operations Center
  • South Luzon 2 Operations Center

MDC BuildPlus, Inc.

  • North Luzon Operations Center
  • South Luzon Operations Center
  • Western Visayas Operations Center
  • Fit Out and Metal Forming

MDBI Construction Corp.

  • One Ayala Avenue Project
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens Redevelopment Project
  • Park Central Towers Project