Talent Management

MDC considers
its employees as the lifeblood of the company. MDC provides relevant and enriching programs to develop the character and capabilities of its talent
pool. Through these programs, employees are guided to discover the most impactful paths for their careers and unlock their best potentials to become
leaders in their respective professions.

Internship Training Program

MDC’s Internship Program provides college students with the platform to apply theories and knowledge acquired in school to the actual work environment. The program will immerse students with professionals who will mentor them in their respective fields.

Cadetship Training Program

This intensive 2-year experiential program intends to equip Cadets with critical knowledge and skills regarding key areas of MDC’s construction operations. Aside from classroom sessions, the program includes immersion activities and case studies. Cadets are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the following engineering and construction paradigms:
·      Surveying and Land Development

·       Technical Services

·       Quantity Surveying

·       Environment, Health and Safety

·       QA Engineering

·       Field Engineering

·       MEPFS Design and Operations

·       Planning

·       Formworks

·       Concrete Plant Operations

·       Construction Equipment

·      Landscape Design


Accelerate Program for Planners

MDC provides a development program for Planners aimed at sharpening knowledge and skills in the use of analysis tools and methods in identifying and resolving key performance issues. The program also aims to inculcate a strong “Sustainable Excellence” mindset among Planners, especially during the Pre-Construction and Construction phases of a project.

Professional Advancement for Career Excellence (PACE)

PACE is MDC’s Management Training Program. Enabling and enhancing the professional growth and skills development of employees, PACE is designed to produce high-potential, competent, and capable talents who have the passion and drive to pursue a leadership career in MDC.

Young Construction Professionals Leadership Summit (YCPLS)

YCPLS is an annual convergence of future builders from the best engineering schools in the Philippines. The summit is a venue to meet industry professionals and discuss the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies in construction. MDC holds the summit annually in Luzon and VisMin.